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Pam & Paul Clingan Welcome You

About Us

Swallow Beck CAMC Certified Location is situated in Westhampnett, at Lanburn Connemara Stud.  

We are just 5 minutes from Goodwood Estate and perfectly situated for Chichester City Centre, all amenities including the Hospital and also the many excellent restaurants nearby. Our site offers great views of aircraft.  

Bird Watching

We have a multitude of birds including Skylarks, Finches, Swallows, House Martins, Long-tail Tits, Waxwings, Nightingales, Kestrels, Buzzards, Wrens, Dunnocks, Goldfinches, Wagtails, Collared Doves, Great Spotted & Green Woodpeckers. A veritable feast for avid Bird Watchers.

Lanburn Connemara Stud Est. 1971 - Home of Champions

The Stud was established by Pam's parents, Bob and Margaret Blackburn, in 1971 when they bought their foundation mare and first Connemara pony for Pam to ride from Connemara, Ireland.  On inheriting the Stud when Bob died suddenly in 2014, the usual workings of the Stud were totally thrown into disarray.  For five years, Pam & Paul battled with the Local Planning Authority in order to get Planning consent to save the stud.  Finally, in 2019, five years later, they were successful.

'Catch 22'

Due to the costs involved, there was no money left to set the site up.  Therefore we are having to start very small, with few facilities and work our way up towards our 'Vision'. We hope people will understand and bear with us.  We must open in order to bring in money for the Stud to survive.

'Go Fund Me' Fundraiser Campaign

We have running a GO FUND ME Fundraiser Campaign to help raise funds for the requirements.

Caravan & Motorhome Club Members - For those of you who donate to the GoFundMe campaign we are offering:-
      • Donation of £20 - you get 1 FREE 'Regular' night.
      • Donation of £50 and over - you get 3 FREE 'Regular' nights OR 1 FREE 'Premium'* night.

*Premium Nights are designated prime periods for the site when Goodwood Events are on.

Working Towards Our Vision

We would eventually like to be a Luxury Site.  We know that we have been ear-marked as a 'Flagship Site' by the CAMC and this is what we will be working towards.

      • Basic Set-Up - Casette waste disposal, grey water waste, fresh water.
      • Water connection on each pitch
      • Hedging for privacy, probably of Rosemary and Lavendar.
      • Electric Hook-ups
      • Shop with locally produced meats from Goodwood, local wine from Tindale Vineyard
      • Local discounts to tourist attractions.
      • Cafe
      • Restaurant
      • Fish & Chip van on a Friday night

So, we will be starting 'Small and Basic', but we have a Vision.  

Pam & Paul

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